Cold Rooms

Greentouch utilizes superior technology and advanced refrigeration techniques to provide innovative solutions to customers specific cooling, storing and freezing needs.

Our Industrial Refrigeration services is offered either as a single discipline or as part of a fully integrated turnkey solution on construction projects.

The company is aware that Industrial Refrigeration in hot weather countries require the control of many different conditions to guarantee that products are processed and stored correctly. That is, temperature, pressure and humidity must be kept under control with reliable devices and equipment that are also simple to manage and control. Also, concepts of integration, remote access, energy savings, and functional aesthetics are important considerations.

In this perspective, Greentouch specially designs and manufactures cold room equipment and whole systems that work perfectly with high performance in hot climates whilst saving up to 70% energy and providing a full on-line automated control of the refrigerated facilities.

Whether customers store or freeze food, medicines, chemicals or any special product that need to be kep at particular conditions and degree, no longer to worry about when it is 50°C or above outside. Because Greentouch has the in-house know-how and technology to keep the cold where it belongs.

Profcold® refrigeration engines, equipment and systems will be specifically designed to stand the excessive heat and operate in desert harsh climate conditions or highly humide and hot tropical areas as well as keep stable heat-humidity balance.

Greentouch has the in-house capabilities, expertise and experience to deliver a comprehensive industrial refrigeration system fabrication including design and installtion for:

  • -Cooling (0/+5°C) and freezing (-18°C /-20°C ) systems for the food industry and HORECA
  • -Cooling (0/+5°C) and freezing (-18°C /-20°C ) systems for sophisticated environments
  • -Blast freezing systems (-35°C/-40°C)
  • -Package-type walk-in cold rooms
  • -Bespoke cold rooms

For: Hotels, public and private institutions, hospitals, industrial facilities, malls, business complexes, residential estates, sport complexes, entertainment facilities, and many more.