Chiller Systems

Greentouch manufactures chillers for the HVAC sector. The machines are suitable for supplementing air-conditioning systems in commercial, public and industrial buildings as well as for manufacturing processes. The chillers can handle applications down to outlet temperatures of -35C.

Our versatile range of high efficiency air-cooled, water-cooled and remote condenser chillers gives customers a wide choice of cooling capacities. Industry-leading knowledge of free-cooling allows us to deliver the most energy efficient chillers on the market.


As a complete temperature control solutions provider, Greentouch provides a holistic approach to every project so our customers can benefit from precise, cost-effective and energy efficient solutions that are tailored to their operation while enabling them to reduce their operative and maintenance costs.


With cooling capacities from 1,25 KW up to 230 KW, our chiller range is designed specifically for commercial, public and industrial buildings, providing control, reliability, reduced energy, manufacturing and maintenance costs.


  • -Fast customisation of standard models to suit customers needs
  • -Minimal footprint, plug & play, fully packaged unit including pump, tank, controller and pipework.
  • -Combined large buffer tank with integral unique coil in-tank evaporator design, adapted for varying load and flow conditions whilst minimising pressure drops
  • -1,25KW-4,8KW non-ferrous range for internal environments.


  • -Blockage protection from coil in-tank evaporator design
  • -Internal water bypass to protect pumps against dead heading
  • -Efficient and durable with scroll compressors
  • -Protected by condenser air filters for reduced maintenance and improved life expectancy
  • -Premium components including phase monitor pressure switches, level sensors, crankcase heaters and an internal hydraulic bypass circuit which are all integral to the system's core.


Greentouch-manfactured-chillers are certified and individually tested in our factory test rig to achieve and assure quality in-line with CE, ISO 9001 and 14001 standards. A complete check of the refrigerant charge, leakage controls and microprocessor are completed before every delivery which offers a long-term sustainable standard of reliability.


Our chiller range of units feature efficient hermetic scroll compressors which operate at low power level, saving energy throughout operation. Supporting this environmental stance, the units feature highly efficient finned coil evaporators.


Our chillers range utlises the most sustainable R410a refrigerant, with R404a as well as R134a gases used in smaller capacity models. The R410a refrigerant offers an improved carbon footprint, helping to lower the impact of each process, safeguarding both our customers business and the natural environment for the foreseeable future.


  • -An extensive range of accessories, kits and bespoke factory modifications are available, allowig each unit to match cutomers specific requirements.
  • -Varous pump configurations are available, including run/standby options to provide added resilience, and larger pumps for applications requiring increased head pressure.
  • -Fully non-ferrous hydraulic circuit for use in applications where cleanliness of the cooling fluid is paramount.
  • -Condenser fans capable of overcoming high head pressure, allowing exhaust air to be ducted sway when installed internally
  • -High and Low ambient temperature versions ensuring normal operation in ambient conditions as high as 45°C and as low as -20°C.
  • -High efficiency versions including EC fans and oversized condenser coils, achieving energy efficiency class A+.
  • -Dual frequency versions able to operate with both 50Hz and 60 Hz electrical power supplies.